One connection to Global IP Tandem gets you connected to hundreds of urban and rural IP providers.

Think About It!
What could be easier. One IP Connection to Global IP Tandem connects you to our entire database of Member companies worldwide. This single connection allows you to terminate calls to any of our member subscribers for a flat rate of only $0.004 per minute, AND for providers who have never been able to collect access fees for terminating phone calls, Global IP Tandem will PAY YOU $0.002 per minute for every minute you terminate for one of our other member companies. SIMPLE, PRODUCTIVE and COST EFFECTIVE, thats what Global IP Tandem provides to you.


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Register for an Account with Global IP Tandem is quick, easy and best of all its FREE.
Registering for an account with Global IP Tandem takes just a few minutes and you will be up and running, sending calls in no time. With no set-up fees, no long term contracts and no monthly minimums what could be easier. Get started now by completing all fields.

If you are already a Member company and are requesting access to the Billing and / or Network Analytics portal please include your Member ID.





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Within 24 hours you will receive a call from a Customer Service Specialist along with the member Service Agreement for execution. If you do not receive this within this time frame please send us an eMail at support@globaliptandem.com to get you going right now.